Loft Investments is a Lebanese real estate development company headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon. It operates in Europe and the Middle-East, and has become one of the region’s most recognized property developers, notably through its unique loft concepts. It was founded by Ayad Nasser in 2000

Loft Investments has a diverse multi-domain portfolio that covers property development, property management services, and concept development. Its projects extend across several major cities in France and Lebanon. Over the years, it has emerged confidently as an outstanding player in the conceptualization and developments of stylish modern lofts and luxurious living quarters

Loft Investments offers a creative approach, relying on the input of the most endowed architects, designers and building consultants to produce exceptional projects

Ayad Nasser
" This company truly mirrors my personality: the loft is an open, transparent and convenient space. Investments reflect the trust my clients put in me

My only concern is my clients’ satisfaction. I do my best to provide them with quality and comfort before anything else "

Ayad Nasser is a Lebanese businessman, investor, philanthropist and activist. He is best known as the Founder and General Manager of Loft Investments, a real estate development company which operates in Europe and the Middle-East

Nasser is a self-made man, who became an entrepreneur at a very young age. At the age of 17, he moved to Monaco to study while working several jobs. By the age of 18, he was already an independent man with his own apartment and stable income, which then lead him to create Loft Investments

Victoria Latysheva
" Art is what makes your living space unique. A particular painting, sculpture or an art object would highlight your individual taste and show your personality in a symbolic way "

Loft Investments partnered up with Victoria Latysheva, owner of curator19.90, to transform its lofts into unique and artistic living spaces. The result is a stunning portfolio of decorated Lofts, each reflecting the personality of the owner, and their lifestyle

Indeed, curator19.90’s team can bring your rooms to life by converting them into true works of art. Their team of seasoned expert architects and designers can come up with the design of your choice, and work closely with you on every detail to interpret your taste and style. Alternatively, we offer a wide array of creative ideas that allows us to turn your loft into a stylish and artistic living space

For Loft Investments, each project is a unique challenge from start to finish. Our many years of experience coupled with curator 19.90’s experience in art and decoration has given us an appreciation of how the definition of success is ultimately personal

Our long list of achievements in meeting the needs of our diverse client base and our first-hand experience with quality materials, the newest trends, and functional utility, gives us the needed confidence to help clients in any project

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